NASARIMBA (Calgary, Alberta) Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada

Mikhail Miller
2008-9 The Banff Centre for the Arts, Printmaking Studio Internship, AB
2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Print Media), Visual Arts, ACAD, Calgary AB

Rachel Ziriada
2015 BFA with Distinction, Visual Arts, University of Victoria, Victoria BC


Solo Exhibitions:
2019 Art Exhibition for BOOM X, Theatre Calgary, Calgary AB
2018 Reaching A Microverse, Arts Commons Window Galleries, Calgary, AB
2017 Light Source, Planta Co-Working Gallery, Mexico City, MX
2016 NASARIMBA 2.0, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria BC
2016 NASARIMBA, Lux Laundromat, Calgary AB
2015 Processing Rock Bay, Fifty Fifty Arts Collective, Victoria BC

Group Exhibitions:
2019 Northern Reflections Window Exhibitions, Calgary AB
2019 Landed, Nvrlnd Boutique, Calgary AB
2019 Rust Magic: Inside and Out, Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton AB
2019 Burt Toast Studios Presents: Sled Island Poster Show, Calgary AB
2019 FAR-OUT, Art by Friends Gallery, Annecy France
2019 Burnt Toast Studios Presents: the Social Issues Poster Show, Calgary AB
2018 Art from the Unknown, presented by Rachel Notley, McDougall Centre, Calgary AB
2018 Viva! Exhibition and Fundraiser for Equinox Vigil, Jarvis Hall Gallery, Calgary AB
2018 Threw Hoops, House City, Wreck City Exhibitions, Calgary AB
2018 Certified Refurbished, Office City, Wreck City Exhibitions, Calgary AB
2018 Avant-Golf, Mini-Golf course installation, Happenings 12, Arts Commons, Calgary AB
2017 Summer Invitational, Art Point Gallery, Calgary AB
2017 Magic and Decay, Fresh Canvas Gallery, Edmonton AB
2017 The Sour Grapes of a Few Eccentrics, P.U.G.S. at U of C, Calgary AB

2019 Mural: Untitled, Rust Magic International Mural Festival, Edmonton AB
2019 Mural: These Roots Run Deep, Wall-To-Wall Mural Festival: Rural Tour, Boissevain MB
2019 Public Art Installation: Untitled, Nooks and Crannies Festival, Okotoks BC
2019 Mural: Impossible Room, Kingsway Mall and Rust Magic Mural Festival, Edmonton AB
2018 Mural: Primary Odyssey, Beltline Urban Mural Project (BUMP), Calgary AB
2018 Mural: Untitled, Rust Magic International Mural Festival, Edmonton AB
2018 Mural: Untitled, Arts Rising Festival, Penticton, BC
2018 Installation: Artist Lounge Installation, Sled Island Music Festival, Calgary AB
2017 Mural: Sun Ice Spirit Level, Wall-to-Wall Mural Festival, Winnipeg MB
2017 Mural: Ode to Matisse, Rust Magic International Mural Festival, Edmonton AB
2017 Installation: Main Stage Bleacher Installation, ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art, Wells BC
2016 Installation: Cozmic, Fresh Paint Gallery, Under Pressure Festival, Montreal QC

2019 Mural, Untitled, Porcelain Rocket, Calgary AB
2019 Mural: Untitled, The Fifty-Fifty Arts Collective, Victoria BC
2019 Mural: Untitled, The Ou Gallery and Artist Residency, Duncan BC
2019 Mural: Untitled, Nvrlnd Boutique and Studio Spaces, Calgary AB
2018 Mural: Untitled, Selkirk Inn, Golden BC
2018 Mural: Untitled, The Dude Screen Printing, Calgary AB
2018 Mural: Untitled, Leka Design, Victoria BC
2018 Mural: Untitled, Rockslide Gallery and Studios, Victoria BC
2017 Mural: Untitled, Group 2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd. Burns Building, Calgary AB
2017 Interior sculptures: Untitled No.1-3, Velour Clothing Exchange, Calgary AB
2017 Banner designs: Untitled No.1-6, Forest Lawn High School, Calgary AB

2019 Ou-telier International Artist Residency, Duncan BC
2018 Wreck City International Residency, Calgary AB
2017 Visiting Artists, Poisson Noir Venue and Creative Space, Montreal QC

Markets / Art Fairs:
2019 Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair, Edmonton AB
2018 Market Collective 10 Year Anniversary Market, Calgary AB
2018 House of Vans Community Market, Calgary AB

Workshops Facilitated:
2019 Grade 8 Worldview Art Projects, Twelve Mile Coulee Jr. High School, Calgary AB
2018 Artist Trading Card Workshop, Nelson Mandela High School’s Health and Wellness Symposium, Calgary AB
2017 Mural Workshop and Painting Facilitators, Boys and Girls Club of Calgary Indigenous Initiative and Refreshed Crew, Calgary AB

2019 RBC Emerging Visual Artists Program, Arts Commons, Calgary AB
2017 CADA Individual Artist Opportunity Grant, Calgary, AB

2019 Wreck City Residency Publication, September 2019
2019 Wall To Wall: These Roots Run Deep, Winnipeg Free Press, July 2019
2019 Spot Public Art: Primary Odyssey, Alberta Views Magazine, May 2019
2018 Mural Festival Looks to Transform Beltline Neighborhoods, CBC News, Calgary, AB
2018 Artists Spread Out for This Summer’s Edition of Wreck City, Star News, wreck-city.html Calgary, AB
2018 NASARIMBA Bella-P Blog,

2015-20 Burnt Toast Studio, Calgary AB

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